About Self

in 2020, Nayra faced challenges in finding products that matched the aesthetic and requirements of her self-care routine. SELF emerged from a phone call and a few walks through Cairo, on a quest for a microfiber towel and a satin pillowcase.

we are committed to promoting equal working opportunities for women & having our customers feel that their voices are heard and their experiences are represented and connected through everything we create.

our story is one about solidarity; it’s about unity, support, reliance and comfort.
as a brand founded by women with the help of other women, here at SELF, we believe in the importance of sticking together and helping each other out.
that’s when we felt that our skin-care routine needs some assistance and aiding,
and with the support of women and men from across Egypt, we present to you SELF.

our mission is to craft a multitude of products in Egypt using 100% Egyptian fabric.
the vision centers on ensuring premium quality, with our success deeply rooted in empowering women.